Are You An Empath, a HSP or In A Toxic Relationship?

If you are an empath or a highly sensitive person struggling to manage your energies OR you are in a toxic and/or karmic relationship and you are wanting to discover how you can power up and become the best version of you, then this academy is just what you are looking for...

Actionable Training

Within each course you will receive a variety of videos split up into easy to understand lessons and modules, each with actionable worksheets.

Interesting Quizzes

Every module within the courses will come with a quiz to test your knowledge and then you will receive worksheets which will help you get the most out of the course.

Premium Material

All the material found in this academy is top quality and is only available on this platform. Not only will you receive premium material but you will also receive additional benefits of being part of our family.

Newly Added Courses

We are adding new courses every single week so make sure that you check back regularly.

About Your Instructor

Jennifer Matthews - Spiritual and Empowerment Coach

Hi, my name is Jennifer Matthews and I am not only a spiritual coach and naturopath, but I am also the founder of The Self Empowered Empath brand. I am super passionate about this brand because of the personal experiences I have been through. 

On a personal level I have been going through an intense spiritual ascension which included a full year of a dark night of the soul, karmic relationships with people extremely close to me that I have had to cut cords with, past life generational trauma I have had to heal and so much more.

I have been through the experience of closing 30 years worth of generational karma and life lessons, as well as experiencing multiple abusive and narcissistic relationships that have empowered me to create my “Self Empowered Empath” brand. I am a recovered codependent empath that now specialises in helping other empaths recover from these sorts of karmic experiences so they may also feel the peace and tranquility that I feel now that I have closed the contracts and can live an incredible life with the blessings of my wonderful husband and 2 incredible children.